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How to Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster?

Nail is one of the parts of your body that other people will notice from others. It is good for you to take care of it and one way is to decorate it with nail polish not just to beautify but also giving it life. Most women love to do this for it makes them feel confident and beautiful.

Nail is one of the parts of your body that other people will notice from others.

Knowing More about Nail Polish: Types

Nail polish is not just simply applied to your nails for they have different types that you should know about. Knowing the types of nail polish will help you determine on what you want your nails to use.

Base Coat

This type of nail polish is an opaque pink polish, milky-colored and clear formula used before applying nail polish. Its purpose is to strengthen, help polish adhere and restore moisture to the nail.

Top Coat

This nail polish type is a clear colored polish formula used after applying nail polish to the nail. It serves as a barrier for the polish to avoid peeling, scratching or chipping.


A long-lasting type of nail polish which is similar to a traditional and regular nail polish but does not dry. It is dried under ultraviolet LED or lamp. Gel can last up to two weeks and can be more difficult to remove than regular ones.


This type of polish is like a regular nail polish but has purposely dull finish rather than shiny. It can be used to the popular nail art applications, where designs can be made using both matte and shiny surfaces.

Top Brands of Nail Polish

Brands of nail polish differ as it prices are also different. Do not just be shocked if you have been billed for this amount since it matters on the brand you choose. There are top brands of nail polish that you should try on.

RGB Nail Color

This is known as the best chemical-free polish

This is known as the best chemical-free polish. It is available in 32 different shades. RGB resist chipping for up to seven days.

Nails Inc.

Nails Inc. is known to be the shiniest nail polish in the market. Just two layers of this nail polish stayed up to six days. You have all the chance to choose since it is available in 150 different shades.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer

One of the best shades available for the existing nail polish. This is a designer pick for this is well-curated and available in 16 different colors from violet to coral. It is a polish which is most eye-catching.

Make your Nail Polish Dry Faster

One of the challenges of applying nail polish is on how long does it take to dry up. You cannot do anything unless your polish is already dry and ready to be in contact with things around you. There are some ways on making your nail polish dry faster.

Use thinner coats of nail polish

Paint your nails with thin coats of multiple layers. Allow three minutes for the coat to dry up before coating again. It may be a great effort to do and may take a while, but it will be faster than applying multiple coats of thick coats.

Use fast-dry top coat

Top coats is used to originally help your nails dry faster. Choose a fast-drying top coat for it will not just help your polish to dry faster but also serves as protection from chipping.

Use iced water or stick your hands in the freezer

Nail polish dry faster when exposed to cold temperatures. Placing your hands to both iced water or in the freezer after polishing it will dry your polish completely and instantly.

There are still some other ways to make your polish dry faster. You can use hair dryer, air dust, or misting your nails with cooking spray. But all of this will be up to your preference and available resources.