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How to Repair Hair Damaged by Flat Iron?

Hair is one of the best assets of people to attract others. It is based on how they look and how they manage to bring it. Hair gives life to your appearance does it is one of the concerns of people on how they should avoid having it damaged.

There are some damaged hair that really takes time before you can bring back its life so better avoid doing or applying things that could damage it. Styling them is good but be mindful of how damaging it would be if you just let yourself go with its flow.

What Causes the Damage of Your Hair

As we go to salon to have our hair styled on what is new and trendy, you usually just ask them what will be best for you and pay. But that is not the right thing to do since you should be mindful of the downsides of it.

Coloring and Highlights

Coloring and Highlights

This method is one of the most popular thing that people do to their hair. It can change your hair’s inner structure causing dryness.


perm your hair make beautyful

This method is defined as either chemical curling or straightening which works by breaking the bonds of your hair and reforming it back in different way.


Bleaching is making your hair more prone to damage since it is changing the structure of your hair

This method penetrates your hair cuticles with chemicals removing its natural pigment. Bleaching is making your hair more prone to damage since it is changing the structure of your hair.


100 brush strokes daily can make your hair shiny but it is damaging it more

You may thought that brushing is good for the hair, but not too much. They say that 100 brush strokes daily can make your hair shiny but it is damaging it more.

Braids and Ponytails

Braids and Ponytails

This makes your hair to break. Avoid this styles since your hair is being pulled tightly which will result to permanent damage.

Weaves and Extensions

This goes the same with braids and ponytails where they can leave damage to your hair. It will make your hair suffer from brittles and breaking.


Over-washing your hair can get away it natural moisture. Too much of it can cause dullness of your hair making it prone to damaging.

Best Brands Which You Should Consider

Choosing the best brand for flat irons will be one of the challenges a person can encounter. Since it is one of the reason for the hair to be damaged, people could be choosier on to what brand to hail.


This brand offers different models of iron which only focus on titanium, tourmaline and ceramic models. You can be secured on this brand since it does not produce cheap units.


One of the brands that have some of the best irons available in the market. It comes in different designs, sizes and colors and makes it easy for you to choose the iron that works best for thick and fine hair. The models available are titanium, tourmaline and ceramic.


Their irons are of best quality with quick heat time that does not allow your hair to frizz even if you iron you hair when it is still wet.

Best Product Which Could be Your Best friend

It is hard to look for products that could give you both satisfaction and good results. Some may say that flat irons can damage your hair due to the heat it releases but there are best flat iron for natural hair that could go along you style without damaging it.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

This flat iron comes with nano titanium plates that emits maximum heat for gentle and fast straightening without damaging the hair. It has LED temperature settings to 450 degrees which makes curling and straightening fast.

Infiniti Pro 1 1/2 –Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

The good thing about this iron is it tourmaline ceramic-coated plates that prevents damaging your hair and reduces frizz. It has long floating plates and has heat levels of 230 degree Celsius or 446 degree Fahrenheit with LED lights as indicator. This iron have twenty-second heat up for faster use.

Ghd Classic Styler 1”

It is one of the latest heater technology that has universal voltage for wider use. It has advanced aluminum plates that helps in sealing your hair’s cuticle. When not in active use, you can save electricity and avoid damaging it since it has automatic sleep move functionality.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth + Flat Iron 1.25”

This 1.25” cushioned ceramic plates with beveled edges has a dual voltage for wider use. It has a digital temperature control that heats up to 410 degree Fahrenheit in just a minute.

Remington Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

This iron do have a floating ceramic plates that is infused with pearls. It has a temperature control lock that prevents overheating. This is a good iron since it has 60-minute auto shutoff and has a three year warranty which will allow on maximizing your use.

Important thing about choosing irons will base on why you need it and what you already have that needs enhancements. Be sure not to just decide right off the bat but think for it a million times before investing.