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6 Beautiful Ways To Use Flowers Around The Home

Thanks to the amazing weather that many of us have been blessed with recently, more people than ever before are getting outside and enjoying their gardens. From herbs that can be used in cooking, to colourful plants that are just for decoration, many of us recognise just how soothing and relaxing it can be to grow our own.

But flowers aren’t just for outdoors. Bringing them inside can add a fresh new dimension to your home decor, and really boost your mood. You don’t have to stick to just putting them in a boring old vase, either. Here are some creative and beautiful ways to use flowers in your home…

1. Upcycle your existing containers

There are tons of elaborate presentation vases on the market for your fresh flower arrangement, and many of them are truly stunning. They can often cost a small fortune though. If you want something a bit more unique or you’re working with a budget, consider a bit of DIY instead.

Paint an old vase a bright colour, decorate it with ribbon or another textile, or do some decoupage using old magazines. There are no rules when it comes to your creation, and you’ll be left with something that you’ll never see in the interior magazines!

2. Consider drying or pressing your flowers

Taking care of fresh flowers can sometimes be time consuming, not to mention expensive. A great alternative is to dry or press your own flowers, so you can enjoy them for many years to come. It’s an enjoyable pastime, and you can even make pretty keepsakes to share with friends and family.

Just a few ideas that you might want to try include decorating candles, coasters, crockery, and lampshades.

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3. Take your displays into different rooms

When we think about bringing flower displays into the home, we often have a specific location in mind. Maybe you always place your arrangements on the sitting room table for example, or on the kitchen windowsill.

Flowers can add life and flair to any room though, so think outside the box. A posy in your porch could be a great way to welcome guests. A bunch in the bathroom could keep things smelling fresh. You might even want to add a few fresh flowers to your bedroom to breathe life into the space.

4. Use everyday household items as makeshift containers

There are so many everyday items that you’ll already have at home that you can turn into quirky containers for your flowers. These include empty wine bottles, discarded jam jars, clean tin cans, hollowed out pineapples and coconut shells, perfume bottles, and more.

One particular idea that’s taken Pinterest by storm recently is to use an empty milk bottle to create a flower vase. Add some colourful paints to create a real transformation, that no one will ever suspect the origins of!

5. Create a wreath for your front door

First impressions really do matter. Imagine how much you could transform a boring front door with a bright and vibrant wreath made of fresh flowers. Most displays of this nature will only last 2-4 days, depending on your choice of flowers, but they’re great for special occasions and celebrating the change of seasons.

Professional florists will be able to make wreaths for you, but you can also make your own using flowers from your garden and a few extra supplies such as a floral foam wreath base and some strong scissors.

6. Ask your favourite florist for their ideas and inspiration

Florists are trained professionals with masses of experience and knowledge when it comes to arranging flowers in the most beautiful way. You’ll see standard bouquets on their shelves because these are often what most people want to buy, but don’t be scared to request something a little different.

Ask about the flowers that are at their very best at this time of year, find out about their personal favourites, and ask them to create something for you to suit your personal tastes and interior decor style. They’ll relish the challenge, and you’ll get something totally out of the ordinary!

As you can see, there are so many different and exciting ways to use flowers around your home to really make your living space pop. Will you be trying any of these ideas? And do you have any others that you’d like to add to the list?


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