The Truth Behind Black Box Insurance Myths

Black box insurance is the insurance policy of choice for most young and inexperienced drivers. Drivers who fall into either of those categories (or both) will face higher premiums from insurers which will really limit their options.

Black box insurance is really one of the best insurance models for these drivers because it will actively reward them for good, safe driving. Meaning that over time you will be rewarded with lower premiums. There are some great benefits to getting black box insurance as long as you drive safely.

However, many people do find black box insurance to be too restrictive as well. While there are pros and cons on both sides of the argument there are some commonly believed myths about black box insurance that could end up stopping people using it.

Which would be a shame because it can often be one of the best insurance policies to opt for if you are a new driver with limited road experience. So, let’s take a look at these myths in more detail and uncover the truth, shall we?

You Can’t Drive At Night

Many black box insurance policies do advise you not to drive when it gets overly late usually after 11 PM. Although it’s important to note that not every insurer will have this in place and it should really go without saying that a black box can’t stop you from driving at night if you need to or want to.

Driving at night might not have a huge impact on your score either as long as you continue to drive safely. So, yes the belief that you can’t or shouldn’t drive at night is just another commonly believed myth. Try to avoid driving too late if you can but don’t panic if you need to.

The Black Box Watches You

Being supervised by the unseen (or at least hard to see) black box device in your vehicle might seem scary but this again is another myth. Okay, the black box does monitor your driving which might seem similar to being watched but all it does is record your driving habits/ behaviour.

It doesn’t constantly supervise you whether you are driving or not it isn’t some all-seeing big brother. It could take a bit of time to get used to driving with a black box active in your vehicle but all it will do is help ensure you drive safe and reward your for it.

Speeding Is Reported To The Police

Another common myth of black box insurance is that every mistake you make is reported to the police right away. For many people, this will be a concern if they accidentally go over the speed limit. While speeding still isn’t something you should do and you will likely be penalised on your insurance policy for it you still likely won’t be instantly reported to the police.

Most insurers will keep your driving data private and secure and only use it if they judge a serious accident as taken place. So, yes you shouldn’t speed and your policy score will be affected by it but you likely won’t be reported to the police. But remember this doesn’t mean you should go over the speed limit!

A Black Box Will Cause Issues In My Vehicle

This is a widespread myth that seems to have originated out of nowhere but it’s understandable why it would worry people. No one wants to install a piece of equipment in their vehicle only for it to interfere with other components/ electricals.

Modern black boxes are very small pieces of equipment that are thoroughly tested. They only require very low levels of power so will not interfere with other components in your vehicle like the radio for example. If you do have any issues or concerns about your black box though then your insurer should be happy to assist.

Every Little Mistake Will Cost Me

By far the biggest concern and myth about black box insurance is that every mistake will cost you. Black box insurance is designed for new drivers with limited experience so they aren’t asking or expecting you to be a perfect driver. You should, of course, drive safely but the odd little mistake isn’t the end of the world or going to result in your premiums rising.

So, that is a look at 7 commonly believed myths about black box insurance. Now you know what the truth is you will be better informed about black box insurance and know exactly how it works. The myths are tempting to believe and lots of people do incorrectly think they are true but rest assured they aren’t.

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