Where To Find Amazing Clothes After You Ditch Fast Fashion

Just a few years ago, so many of us were addicted to fast fashion, and we’d regularly buy a low-cost outfit for a night out, knowing fine well that we’d probably only wear it once. Times have changed very quickly though, and as consumers, we’re making the shift away from fast fashion and all the problems that it inevitably causes.

But let’s face it… We still want to look good! So where can you pick up items that are kinder to the environment? Here are some ideas that you might want to try…

Charity shops

I’ve been picking up clothing items in charity shops for several years, and you’d be amazed by what you can find if you’re willing to have a really good dig around. I’ve found designer items for just a couple of pounds, and high street items for even less, complete with their original tags still in tact. A great idea is to head to an affluent area, as you’ll often find plenty of designer offers.

Selling platforms like eBay and Depop

There is so much quality second-hand clothing available out there online. People sell their things for all kinds of reasons… They may no longer fit, or they might have decided that they just didn’t suit them. Try searching these platforms for your favourite brands in your sizing. And of course, this can work both ways! If you have clothes that you don’t need anymore, you could consider selling them and giving your bank account a nice little boost.

Vintage fairs where you can buy by the kilo

Judy’s Vintage Fair runs sales all around the country where you can scour through racks of vintage clothes, and pay based on the total weight of your items. I went to one of these recently, and I picked up a gorgeous dress for just £3.20! You can often find everything from evening wear to jeans and jackets, and it can prove to be a really fun day out.

Have a go at making your own clothes

Making your own clothes is a bit of a dying art form, but I firmly believe that it’s set to make a comeback over the next few years! Making your own clothes can mean that you spend last, you have items that fit you perfectly, and they’ll often stand the test of time way better than their high street counterparts. You can pick up patterns in haberdashery stores, and of course you’ll find a load of tutorials and guidance online. Pinterest is a great place to start, and you should be able to find plenty of inspiration there, tailored to your personal tastes.

All of these methods here can be really fun, and much more rewarding than just heading to a local shopping centre. Which ones will you be trying? And is there any additional ones that you’d like to add to this list? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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