Three Reasons Why I’m Excited For The Summer

Though it’s only just the beginning of February, I’m already starting to get very excited about the promise of summer. It may be a good few months yet before it’s properly on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to start anticipating what it will bring, and everything that it has to offer.

Here are three reasons why I’m really excited for summer this year…

I’ll be working on creating a cute outdoors area

I love being a homeowner, but one thing that I’ve definitely neglected since moving in is the garden. Though I’ve really got stuck into painting and decorating and DIY, all the improvements so far have taken place indoors. This summer, I’m going to change that!

I plan to grow my own vegetable patch, build a barbecue area, and install a hammock with stand. I hope that will mean that I can spend the warmer evenings entertaining friends outside, enjoying nature, and also saving a little bit of money at the same time!

I’ll be exploring more of the UK

I love a foreign holiday as much as the next person, and over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to visit destinations including Greece, Italy, and even New York. What I’ve realised recently though is that I’ve never really committed to exploring all the wonderful locations that are right on my doorstep!

So this summer, I’m going to fix that. Though I don’t have any plans set in stone just yet, I’m hoping that I’ll get to experience B&Bs, camping, and glamping! I’ll be looking out for great travel deals via bus and train, so I also expect that this approach will help me to save some cash.

Everyone feels better when the sun is shining

There’s no denying that summer brings good vibes with it. There’s way more time available to get outdoors, you don’t have to be constantly bundled up in hoodies and coats, and it’s just so much better to leave work when it’s still daylight outside.

This winter seems to have been a long one, so I know that I won’t be on my own when I say that I’m really excited for the seasons to begin to change.

We all have a favourite time of the year, and as you can see right here, summer is definitely mine!

What’s your favourite season, and what are your plans for summer this year? Leave a comment and let us know!

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