Here Today, There Tomorrow: Communicating With Your Clients in Today’s Climate

There was a time earlier this year when anybody could just walk into your business and ask a question and get a direct answer.

We are not sure when those days are going to be fully back in effect so now its time to find a way to retain those clients and attract as many as before going forward. You need your internet presence now more than ever, so lets evaluate how to successfully keep track of those clients and generate business going forward. 

Talk Their Language Through Your Own

How you communicate online now is majorly important.

Before you could answer a question or enquiry face to face and it be answered in seconds. Now enquiries can take much longer and there is no telling if you need to further expand on it. By ensuring that your content is relatable and customer friendly you save time and interest by identifying the key questions that are asked and giving the answers fully explained for them.

Feel no shame in dumbing down your expertise in a sense as the reason people come to you is because you know more than them, so keep them with you by ensuring you don’t confuse them and speak a language they can decipher.

Give Them Options 

There are many ways to keep your clients engaged with your company whilst having to deal with online presence.

You can communicate with them by chatbot technology to guide them through products and services and also leave a page for an enquiry form. If you are looking to trade online then you can turn your existing website into an online store where clients can order through the use of a shopping cart software, using paypal or credit card to order stock and have delivered.

Be sure to have the very best in internet security if handling client credit card information, so it is responsible to not dive into a cheap web host service which could leave them at risk. When it comes to your website, paying that little extra for security, speed and response to problems is worth every penny and keeps you out of risk of losing clients and money.

Be Responsive

Having these options present means a lot of your time will be in responding to clients needs just as fast as your would face to face.

Should your website suddenly get corrupted or experience downtime that leaves you with loss as most clients won’t wait for your site to come back online if another site has it for equal price.

This could be where a digital agency can be of tremendous service in maintaining your website.

Promote Every Day

You are going to have to rely on marketing now more than ever.

Free marketing comes in the form of a business page and profile on such media platforms as Facebook and Linkedin that can freely help to generate business from posts and articles on products, events and offers you may have. Have them redirected to your website and hey presto! You have clients driven to your business.

Alternatively you can look at digital agencies helping to optimize your business on search engines such as Google to highlight you when people search for a product that you would provide.

Stockport web design agencies have tools and teams to really boost business practice, from rebranding to marketing to responsive web design and app building. They are what professional business owners use to effectively trade on the internet and secure large amounts of business.

As things press on and the world moves towards functioning properly again, its worth adapting to the times and gaining an extra foothold by strengthening your online presence with your clients.

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