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My Favourite Autumn Meals (Recipes To Try!)

For me, the start of a new season means that it’s time to dig out my favourite cookery books and start thinking about the meals that I want to serve up for friends and family over the coming months.

I always feel that autumn is particularly exciting in terms of its culinary potential… It’s a time for slow cooked stews, decadent crumbles, warming bowls of soup, and of course all the treats that go hand in hand with Halloween!

Fancy trying something new this autumn, but not quite sure where to look for inspiration? I’d love to share my favourite meals with you so you can try them for yourself!

Here they are…

1. Chilli con carne

A piping hot bowl of chilli con carne is fairly simple to prepare, and is perfect for the cold, dark evenings when you want something that’s comforting and filling.

I consider the secret to a good chilli to be the side dishes that you prepare. A few of my favourite are rice, nachos, guacamole, and freshly baked bread wraps.

If you’ve got leftovers the next day, they’ll taste amazing on top of a baked potato with a little cheese and soured cream.

chilli con carne

2. Homemade broth

Making a big pan of broth is a wonderful way to use up any veggies that you might have that need using up within the next day or two. It’s also the kind of meal where you can throw in a little of whatever you fancy… There are no rules here!

I personally like to add plenty of pearl barley, chopped turnip, leek, and carrots. You can make a veggie version if you like, though you can also add chunks of your favourite meat for extra protein.

If you want to take things to the next level, add some homemade dumplings! They require just a handful of ingredients, and take around half an hour to make.


3. Sausage casserole

If you’re thinking about entertaining friends for bonfire night, your meal should definitely include sausages! Hot dogs in buns is a popular choice, but I like to make things a little more grown up by preparing a hearty sausage casserole.

Choose the best quality sausages you can find, and be sure to serve with plenty of fresh, crusty bread.

You can also make a vegetarian version with veggie sausages. If you’re catering for vegetarians, be mindful of the kind of stock you’re using to ensure that everyone can happily eat the meal.

sausage casserole

4. Blackberry crumble

If you’ve never been foraging for blackberries then you really are missing out! It’s such a wonderful way to connect with nature whilst exploring your local area, and it’ll provide you with an abundance of delicious soft fruits to bake with.

A blackberry crumble is the perfect autumn dessert, and can be served with cream, custard, or even vanilla ice cream.

If you can’t find blackberries where you are, or you just fancy trying something different, then you can use apples, plums, or rhubarb instead.

blackberry crumble

5. Beef stew with mustard mash

A beef stew is the kind of dish that you can put in the slow cooker on a morning, and then return home to the beautiful smell of a tasty dinner that’s ready to be served.

All you’ll need to do is prepare your side dishes. I like to make up a portion of creamy mustard mash, alongside some seasonal green vegetables.

A bottle of red wine is also a wonderful idea when you’re making a beef stew!

beef stew

These are the recipes that I’ll be making as we ease into the colder months, and I’m really excited to serve them up to my nearest and dearest!

Do you have your own autumn favourites? Leave a comment below and tell me all about them. I love hearing about your adventures in the kitchen!

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