What I Learned About Moving House

I recently moved in to my first home, and though the process definitely involved its stresses and strains, it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done. I’m so pleased to finally have a place that’s completely my own, and I’m looking forward to really putting my own stamp on it.

If you’re about to move house too, then I want to help. These are the lessons that I learned along the way…

It really can be so stressful if you’re not organised

There are people out there that claim that moving house is just as stressful as starting a new job or getting a divorce. Though we all deal with situations differently, I definitely agree that it can prove to be overwhelming! The key to making it manageable is to recognise that it’s a daunting task, and putting a plan together accordingly.

Consider how much cash you’ll need to have available to manage the associated expenses. Work out if you’ll need to take time off work. Think about the loose ends that you might have to tie up at your current property. Once you have a list, you can start to take action!

There are experts out there who can help you to make things easier

There’s no way that I could have done everything on my own. I recognised that I’m not Superwoman, and I put aside some of my budget to work with trusted experts. One of the best investments that I made was to hire a furniture removal company.

You can choose to pack your belongings yourself or have someone do it for you, and you might be amazed at just how affordable it is. For me, it was definitely a much better prospect than trying to cram everything into my tiny car, or having the stress of hiring a bigger vehicle to drive myself!

You don’t have to do everything all at once

If you’re anything like me, then you have a very clear vision of what your first night in your new home will look like. Maybe you’re thinking of cooking a special meal, or you would like to have a few friends over for celebratory drinks… Trust me, this is almost definitely not a good idea! You’ll have lots to think about and organise, and it’s wise to have a chilled out night and maybe order in a takeaway.

Once your mover has finished the job and left, don’t put any pressure or yourself. There’s always tomorrow, and you’ll have already had an extremely busy day. It’s the start of your new life in your new home, and you deserve a little bit of time to sit back and let that really sink in!

If you’ve recently moved house, then what lessons would you share with others who are about to do the same? What advice helped you to stay organised and avoid much of the stress that can be involved with such a move? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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